Mula Mu: Group Buy Is The Future

“We are the industry’s pioneers and soon enough, everyone’s going to be doing it.”

Group Buying simply means that so long as a minimum number of you agree to purchase something, we will go ahead and let that piece go at significantly reduced rates. You will walk away happy with beautiful, designer furniture at a lower rate and we will walk away happy knowing that you are pleased, will probably head back for round two and will tell all your friends about us.

This may sound great in theory but we know that you have some questions. We went through the same thing when conceptualizing the idea. Does it actually work? What if the minimum number of buyers isn’t met? How much of a discount will you get?

Here’s how it works:

Every first of the month starting January 1, 2016, we will launch at least 10 new items under the Group Buy tab. Every item listed will start out at a one-time-only 30% discount. Keep in mind that once the items are launched on Group Buy, it will never reappear again under that heading so if you like what you see, don’t hesitate to take it home. The Group Buy will keep going until the limited number of items is sold out, or until the next month rolls around.

Additionally, if you have a Mula Mu membership, you will receive an additional exemption and enjoy up to 37% off. Not just that, members who are buying one or more of the Group Buy pieces are treated to a whopping 20% off on other retail priced items, assuming they spend at least $1000 on the full priced item in the same receipt.

To simplify:

  • 10 new items launched every first of the month.
  • Immediate 30% discount offered.
  • Discount capped at a whopping 37% for members.
  • The promotion will go on until the next first of the month rolls around.


Think of this as a clever moneysaving game that you get to play online with people from all over the world. Every first of the month, you need to check out what’s available through Group Buy to see if there’s something you want to take home at a discounted rate. You then have exactly one month from the launch date to enjoy the discount. So once you see something under Group Buy that you love, ensure that you poke and prod all your friends around the world and convince them that they need it too, simply because you should live by the mantra, “Sharing is caring.” Then all you have to do is check back in next month to see if there’s something new that you want to take home.