Mula Mu: The World’s First ‘Group Buy’ Online Designer Furniture Store

Mula Mu: Who We Are

Inspiring, inspirational and inspired.

Mula Mu is not just an online designer furniture store. It is not just a stepping stone to the home of your dreams. Neither is it just a place that displays and offers an eclectic mix of Scandinavian-inspired furniture.

Mula Mu is all that and more.

It is more than just a piece in the complex puzzle of home décor. It is more than just a place where craftsmanship, design and good prices intersect. It is more than just a place where visions are built, dreams are made and great taste brought to life.

Inspiring, inspirational and inspired furnishings.

That is who we are.

Mula Mu: Our Story

Say goodbye to flimsy furniture that won’t live to see the end of the decade.

We are a team of quirky, enigmatic, outspoken and design-loving Singaporeans who share a love for high quality furnishings that boast unique designs. Our vision is to bring these features to everyone whilst doing so at competitive rates.

We now have over 500 pieces of designer furniture, lighting fixtures and home décor accessories up for grabs. We have also curated one of the largest ranges of Scandinavian-inspired furnishings in the business. You can be sure that you have the pick of the bunch when it comes to decorating your dream space.

Unlike the do-it-yourself pieces churned out by big brand names from that region, everything we offer is aesthetically appealing and of extremely great quality. Say goodbye to flimsy furniture that won’t live to see the end of the decade because we’re here to save the day.

Every artisanal craftsman under our watch is highly skilled and trained to ensure that our philosophy of pairing quality and modern design is met. By working directly with the manufacturers and having nothing to do with intermediaries and go-betweens, we are proud to offer you the best price on the market no matter which piece of furniture you end up taking home.

Mula Mu: What Makes Us Special

Group Buying may be a novelty to many but to us, it’s a good way to pay it forward.

Mula Mu is the world’s first online designer furniture store to integrate the concept of Group Buying and make it a part of its day-to-day modus operandi. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Group Buying, it simply means that we will let go of our furniture at significantly reduced rates so long as a certain number of you agree to make the same purchase.

Not only will you walk away with high quality designer furniture at incredible prices, you will also be an integral part of the coming together of likeminded people who wish to leverage their purchasing power to receive the best deal.

Group Buying may be a novelty to many but to us, it’s a good way to pay it forward. Read more about how our Group Buying model works below.

Mula Mu: How We Bring Magic To Life

“We may not throw fairy dust around but because we are so good, sometimes it seems like we do.

Simple Operation:
We choose to operate in very unique ways, one of which encompasses us working with our worldwide logistics partners to ensure that every piece you order is carefully packed, shipped and delivered straight to your doorstep. There is no messy supply chain involved so you can be sure that your furniture will arrive quickly and in one piece.

Group Buying Concept:
We are also proud to introduce the savvy idea of Group Buying. This clever model ensures that every time a certain number of people want to buy the same thing, an additional discount is applied to the item(s) on sale. This mainly covers our new launch pieces as every time we come out with something new, customers from all over the world seem to want a piece of it. Literally. This gives us the chance to efficiently pass on the savings to you and to everyone involved in the Group Buy.

No Intermediaries:
As we don’t bother with intermediaries, you get the chance to save even more. Letting you save money not only puts us in your good books, it also means that you won’t have any qualms about telling all your friends about us. They too will save money on high quality furnishings and in the long run, our vision of seeing the world without cheap, cookie-cutter furniture may just happen.

Personalized Furniture:
Need assistance? We love curating according to your tastes. Simply select a few pieces and we will recommend related designs and styles that will be sure to hit the spot. You will be enthralled at just how well we are able to breathe your vision to life. We may not throw fairy dust around but because we are so good, sometimes it seems like we do.

Free Storage:
We are also proud to offer you six months of free storage just in case you like what you see, need to have it right away but are not ready for it just yet. We have you covered from start to end so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Furniture shopping with us will be an experience unlike any other so why not get comfortable with us today?

Mula Mu: 7-Day Refund Policy

We believe in making mistakes and fixing them.

We strongly believe in our products and will be sad to see you dissatisfied with what you buy. However we believe in making mistakes and fixing them, that’s why we are offering you a 7-day refund policy. In the event that your purchased items does not fit into your home or if you are simply not satisfied with our product, feel free to return it to us within 7 days of delivery for an exchange or refund. You can then source our website for something more suitable. Keep in mind that it has to be unassembled and with all the original packaging in place. We are also going to need your proof of purchase.

Mula Mu: Family Comes First

Ohana means family in Hawaiian and as the saying goes, nobody gets left behind.

We are pleased to offer you a family purchase discount to ensure that nobody gets left behind when it comes to great furniture deals. The offer of a 10% discount is extended to those whose total purchases exceed SGD $5,000 per receipt. Although Group Buy items can be included to make up the total amount, they won’t attract further discounts so think long and hard when deciding which deal works out better for you.

Mula Mu: Corporate Projects

If you’re going to be spending time at the office, you may as well make it comfortable.

Many people spend a majority of their time at the office. From meeting clients to working on sales pitches to crunching numbers and taking quick lunch breaks, most of the week is spent behind these four walls. We believe that if you’re going to be spending time at the office, you may as well make it comfortable.

Clients can tell when you haphazardly throw mismatched furniture together in a meagre attempt to turn your space into something professional. What sort of vibe are you giving off if your office furniture is wonky and worn out? What your space looks and feels like speaks volumes about your business. Go the extra mile and customize your space according to what your business is all about. We work with corporations of all sizes and will be happy to offer you bespoke designs.

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Mula Mu: Corporate social responsibility

By the community, for the community.

We don’t typically sell our showroom pieces to customers but as part of our corporate social responsibility program, we will be putting all our showroom pieces up for auction once they are removed from our collection.

Everything earned, save for delivery charges, will be donated to a pre-selected charity of our choice. Items that don’t make the minimum bid will be donated to the charity directly. We strongly believe in paying it forward and one way to do so is to stand tall and pave the way for projects set up by the community, for the community.